Two civic religious commemorations are celebrated annually:
  • January 2, The Taking of Granada
  • October 12 Columbus Day (in Spain, Hispanic day)
Furthermore, the anniversary of the death of the Catholic kings is liturgically celebrated:
  • January 23 (King Ferdinand) and
  • November 26 (Queen Isabella).

09:45 Weekdays
10:00 Sundays and Public holidays

On weekdays (from 09:00 to 10:15h), and on Sundays and Public holidays (from 09:00 to 10:45h.) worship only, no tourist visiting during service times. Confessions schedule is shown above.



The Royal Chapel is open daily except: Good Friday, December 25 and January 1.
Closed on 2nd January and 12th October in the morning.

From June 1, 2017

Monday to Saturday: 10:15 - 18:30
Sunday: 11:00 - 18:30


Individual (from 13 years, free audio guide): 5€

Groups (free radio guide): 5€

Different capacities: >33% Free

Students (from 13 years): 3,5€

Children up to 12 years: Free

Free visits: Sunday (required booking)

From July 1, 2017: Free visits on Wednesday from 14:30 to 18:30 (required booking)


There are many publications on the Royal Chapel. Listed below, you will only find the ones written by the Ilmo. Cabildo de Capellanes Reales de Granada (Chapter of Royal Chaplains):

  • El Libro de la Capilla Real. AA.VV. and coordinated by José Manuel Pita Andrade. Granada, 1994.
  • El Real Colegio Seminario de San Fernando de la Capilla Real de Granada. Miguel A. López Rodríguez. Granada, 1997.
  • Capilla Real de Granada. Recorrido didáctico. Tomás J. Pardo Navarro. Granada, 1999.
  • La Capilla Real de Granada. Visit guide. Manuel Reyes Ruiz. Granada, 2004. (English and Spanish)
  • Testamento de Isabel la católica. The will of the Catholic King. Revised edition by Manuel Reyes Ruiz. Granada, 2004.
  • Las tablas de devoción de la Reina Isabel la Católica. Manuel Reyes Ruiz. Granada, 2004.
  • La Iglesia de Granada en el siglo XVI. José García Oro. Granada, 2004. (press)

This CD-ROM has been edited thanks to the collaboration between the Chapter of the Royal Chapel of Granada and the Schola Gregoriana Illíberis. It includes 18 Gregorian chants from the Royal Chapel’ s most ancient choir books which keep music compositions prior to the XVI century.


Twelve tunes are performed by the Poliphonic Choir Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro from the Royal Chapel of Granada. This CD-ROM, which is edited with the collaboration of the Chapter, contains works dating back from the XVI to XIX centuries, including some popular Christmas songs.


CD-Book with 128 pages and 20 illustrations plus CD with 19 songs. Coproduction of Editions Encuentro and Psalteruim with the participation of The Royal Chapel.

CONCERT in the Royal Chapel of Granada

Concert in the Royal Chapel of Granada in commemoration of the anniversary of the death of Queen Isabella the Catholic. Interpreted by choral society "City of Granada", Renaissance Ensemble of the choral society "City of Granada" and Company "Soccus Theater". Directed by Jorge Rodriguez Morata.

The Royal Chapel of Granada

Complete presentation of the Royal Chapel of Granada: The founding monarchs · The history · The temple · Sacristy museum · The lonja · Visitor informations · Didactic guide.


The authors of the original chapters published on El Libro de la Capilla Real are:

Los Reyes Fundadores: Manuel Reyes Ruiz
Historia de la Capilla Real: Manuel Reyes Ruiz
Arquitectura y decoración del templo: José Manuel Pita Andrade
Los mausoleos reales y la cripta: Miguel Ángel León Coloma
El Gran Retablo Mayor: F. Javier Martínez Medina
Las Rejas: María José Martínez Justicia
El Barroco: Retablos y esculturas: Domingo Sánchez-Mesa Martín
La orfebrería: María del Pilar Bertos Herrera
Los tejidos: Carmen Eisman Lasaga
Las tablas flamencas: Elisa Bermejo Martínez
Pinturas italianas y españolas: Antonio Calvo Castellón
Los libros que coleccionó la Reina: Antonio Gallego Morell
La Lonja: Miguel Ángel León Coloma

Tomás Jesús Pardo Navarro is the author of the book Capilla Real de Granada. Recorrido didáctico, which has been used to write the Didactic Guide.

Most of the photographs in this website have been taken from the book El libro de la Capilla Real by Fernando Morales Henares, Valdivieso, Martínez Cardeña and León Coloma. The Altarpiece’s photographs by Pepe Romero, photography and video. The other photographs are taken from the Royal Chapel’s photographic archive, and some of them have been taken by Jesus Alonso .

The design, development and image and text processing has been carried out by Jesus Alonso.

Some symbols belonging to the Catholic Kings